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Get Out Of Your Head Therapy

Mobile Counseling Services

Kelly Thompson, LCSW

Kelly has a heart for helping people when they need it most. She has spent years working in Long Term Care with older adults and their families as they navigate transitions often encountered in the aging process. She knows how to support older adults who deal with

depression, grief, adjusting to living in a LTC facility, and chronic illness. Kelly is particularly passionate about helping clients with anxiety and depression learn not only to manage their symptoms, but even to thrive and find meaning in their experiences.  As a person of faith herself, Kelly is comfortable working with clients who would value their own faith being incorporated into the therapeutic process, but she is also welcoming of people who do not identify with a particular faith or prefer that issues of faith not be brought into therapy sessions. Kelly also conducts home visits in Waco & surrounding counties.

A Little About Our Practice...

Our mission is to offer affordable counseling conducted by highly qualified practioners to people from all walks of life. Our goal is to be inclusive, welcoming and accepting of all of our clients. Our passion is waking up each day to serve humanity by making a positive impact on the people we have the privilege to encounter. 

How to Contact Us

Get Out of Your Head Therapy Waco

7111 Bosque Boulevard, Suite 102

Waco, TX 76710

Phone: 512.686.6012

Fax: 512.842.7227

Contact us to discuss how we can help residents in your facility! 

All Major Forms of Insurance Accepted Including Medicare & Medicaid

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