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So what exactly happens in session?

Well, each family is unique, so customized approaches are key. There are many evidence-based approaches that have been used to help strengthen families. Many elements such as blended families, one-parent households, adoption, age gaps between children, special needs & values systems impact how the family works. The entire family is assessed and all members participate in the formation of the treatment plan. The treatment plan helps the client understand which mode of therapy will be utilized, how many sessions are recommended & how he or she will be able to measure progress or improvement. If medical or psychiatric issues are identified, clients are always provided referrals to skilled medical providers. And when an issue arises that is outside the counselor's scope of expertise or practice, clients are always provided referrals to experts who can provide them with the best care. It's about what's best for you and your specific situation. 


What's the cost for Individual Sessions? 

Many insurances are accepted. If we do not accept your insurance, then you will be charged $70 per family session. A sliding scale fee is available for clients who meet specific income requirements. We will do our best to work with you, so that you are able to get the help you need regardless of your financial situation. If you are currently unemployed or are trying to get back on your feet after a major life event, please still contact us. If we are not able to provide you services that fit within your budget, we will go out of our way to make sure we assist you in find the help you need! We have relationships with many agencies & intern clinics that may be able to provide free services. 


Theoretical Approaches & Modes of Therapy Utilized:

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